Hi I'm Akbar!

I love coding, doing research and collaborating

My First Job as a Developer

3 months after writing my first Hello World program on September 8th 2017 (While working in the marketing department) I had convinced my boss to let me take a stab at building a better version of the outdated laboratory management system my company was running on.

Before I knew it we transitioned from the old system and we're on to mine. My newbie self was now in charge of hosting hundreds of thousands of lab samples and supporting thousands of clients.

from this you'll see that I'm someone that jumps before I can talk myself out of doing something scary

My Experience as a Developer

Full stack developer at FOI laboratories.

Designed, built and managed a lab management system as a sole developer. System supported thousands of customers with a UI for Lab Admins and a customer dashboard.

What I Know

Python, Django, HTML/CSS, Javascript/Jquery, React, Postgres, AWS and APIs such as google maps, JavaScript charts and a whole bunch more I can't possibly mention in one sentence! ;)

PS: Working on Node JS, Mongo DB and Machine Learning


How I Learn

Reverse Engineer & Build Ugly Prototypes First

I can learn just about anything by having a final product to tear apart piece by piece. I break the code where I need to figure out why things work the way they do. Documentation is just a reference.

My Short Term Goals

After almost two years of supporting my system at the lab I'm ready to learn something new. I'll collaborating and sharing my experience with others on my blog (SayHelloWorld.co) & youtube channel.

Aside from building samll projects I would love to enter a position where I can be part of a bigger team & learn from others with more experience than myself.